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Welcome to updated tutorial for Q3Map2GUI, a frontend for ydnar's Q3map2 compiler.

This version is based on Darth Norman's Q3map2GUI tutorial version created 2009.


So what is the idea behind this little program, you ask? Well, you may know Q3Map2Build or Q3Map2toolz which are very similar programs. And maybe you don't even know that such programs exist and use Radiant (boooh) to compile your maps, anyway Q3Map2GUI takes all the good features and merge them together, resulting in a small but effective frontend for Q3Map2.

You can download the latest version here.

The Program

After starting Q3Map2GUI you will see the frontend main window:


Don't be shocked about all those buttons, trust me, it is really not as complicated as you may think. If you are using Q3map2GUI for the first time, the program don't know anything about your folder structure or your favourite compile switches, so you have to set it up properly first.

Let's begin with the most important thing: Folders & Settings.

Compiler Settings
Q3Map2.exe location: Type the path or browse to your Q3Map2.exe,
that's ydnar's map compiler for Q3-engine based games, download the latest version here.
Checkboxes: Those checkboxes are depending on your taste.
Game Settings
Game: Choose the game you want to map for here.
Use devmap: I suggest playing in devmode while testing a map, but that's up to you.
Single-Player.exe: Browse to your game's single player.exe (important!).
Multi-Player.exe: Browse to your game's multi player.exe (optional but recommended).
Logging Settings
use logging: I highly recommend using loggin! (7525 is the standard Port)
Log-File Folder: Browse to a folder where all logs will be saved.
Log-File Viewer: Choose Internal Viewer or notepad(++)/wordpad/whatever.
When you are done, click on save.

You can also export your latest settings to backup them or import a saved setting file (import/export buttons).

Next on the list is Game Options:


Here you can choose game switches for your server, when you start your map from Q3Map2GUI.
If you want to use custom screen resolution, do not forget to set r_mode to -1 !.

Compile .map

Now to the interesting part - the compile. cool In the left upper corner of Q3Map2GUI you see the map files list. If there are no maps listed, you either set up the wrong path to your single player.exe or you maps folder is just empty. Anyway, if you have subfolders in your base/maps folder you can go there by using the folder-browse button:


To compile your map, you have to tell the Compiler (q3map2.exe) which switches it should use. Therefor you have two ways in Q3Map2GUI to do so:

#1 Custom Settings:


You can write down your switches for each stage by hand or you click on the buttons at the right and choose the ones you want for your map, Q3Map2GUI will add them automatically to the list. You can save those switches now by giving them a name and adding them to the Quick Options List. Here an overview of all switches for each stage:

BSP Options:


VIS Options:


LIGHT Options:


#2 Quick Options:


Quick Options is something you know from Radiant. Pre-saved switches combined to make Compile faster. If you click on "Edit List" a new window will open:


Down there you find the complete list of your Quick Options. Anyway, when you click on one of them a detailed list of the switches gets displayed on the upper half of the window (looks similar to Custom Settings). There you can add or remove switches and save or delete whole Quick Options. Okay, now that everything is set up, you can compile. Choose the map from the map list, choose the right Custom Setting or Quick Option and press "Build BSP":


If you get any warnings or errors during compile Q3Map2GUI will create a list of them on the left. You can look at the list by clicking on the exclamation mark.





Of course it is always better to have a bug-free compile.

Play .bsp

If that is the case, you can start your compiled map by choosing ".bsp" in the map list view, choosing the right bsp and clicking on "Play SP" or "Play MP".

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Have Fun! wink
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